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The New Lightness in the Medium Price Segment

The history of Nutrisun is characterised by concentrating on the essentials. It began in 1976 with the purchase of the tea company HUXOL by the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft (OTG) and its development into a health food brand. The originally wide product range soon became focussed on the growing sweetener sector because along with increasing health and body consciousness, the demand in this sector has been growing at an above-average rate. HUXOL established itself as a successful brand and a synonym for light sweetness.

In 2007, HUXOL became a part of the newly founded LSH subsidiary Nutrisun. The product range, which consists today of HUXOL Original, HUXOL Stevia and HUXOL Sucralose, is characterised not only by its high quality and excellent taste but also by a fresh new modern design.

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