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An important customer group for the company Nutrisun consists of restaurants and bulk consumers. Ralf Niggemann, responsible for the out of home market division at Nutrisun, describes the main focus of activity. 

Question: Nutrisun’s product range is very diversified. Which of the products are in highest demand from restaurants and bulk consumers?

 Answer: In this regard it is the sweetener product range. Is there anyone who doesn’t know them, those beloved little sachets containing two sweetener tablets? Wherever tea or coffee is served, it is practically impossible to imagine a table without them!  Behind this product is the Nutrisun brand HUXOL. In addition, HUXOL’s one litre bottle is also in high demand. In extremely large-sized industrial kitchens the five litre container of liquid sweeter is also often in use.  

Question: How would you describe the composition of the customer base? 

Answer: The entire out of home consumption area is represented: traditional full-serviced restaurants and hotels but also fast-food restaurants, workplace and education catering as well as the growing sector of themed dinner and catering in travel and leisure destinations: for example, restaurants, hotel chains, canteens, school and university cafeterias, hospital kitchens, trade fair and congress kitchens, sport and recreational facilities and caterers. With its out of home market products, the HUXOL brand has proven itself as the optimal supplement to the professional product range of OTG’s tea brand Meßmer Profiline. The OTG stands behind HUXOL as a strong partner. We are very pleased that HUXOL contributes so successfully to the out of home market portfolio. 

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