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“A Healthy Basis – in Every Respect”

Nutrisun markets top-quality healthy nutritional products. As a subsidiary of the Laurens Spethmann Holding (LSH), it is a part of a family of companies – and a family company. Jochen Spethmann, co-owner explains the self-perception of Nutrisun and how the company operates on this basis:

Tradition, Innovation, Continuity

“We, and by saying that I mean all of our companies under the LSH umbrella, bring a human touch to the often anonymous market processes. Because: people make the difference. The courage to follow new and different paths supports and shapes our future. This enables us to combine family tradition, experience and continuity with flexibility, innovation and continuous renewal. As a family business, we place customer value ahead of shareholder value,  and in doing so we set ourselves apart.

Responsibility has always been essential to our way of doing business, not only in terms of being food producers, which has always played such a fundamental role for us. The production of our products for Nutrisun by our subsidiary MEDIN fulfils extremely high quality requirements. Thus, we are able to offer fruit bars, muesli bars and modern sweeteners that reliably help end-consumers maintain good and sensible nutrition. 

Nutrisun was founded in 2007, exactly 100 years after the establishment of the OTG. Therefore, our Nutrisun has a very healthy foundation. And it is firmly rooted in the tradition of our company – healthy enjoyment for a healthy life”.

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