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Fruit Baskets for the Coat Pocket

Delicious, easy to eat, not too sweet but richer and more intensive in both taste and nutritional content than a simple piece of fresh fruit: fruit bars are fruit in an enhanced form! Often they are even the very essence of a basket of fruit because they frequently consist of a variety of fruit types. And depending upon the variety, they not only contain fruit and fruit pulp but also additional crunchy ingredients, such as nuts or cereal products. All of this comes in bite-sized portions between 30 and 75 grams and is positioned appetisingly between two delicate wafers. 

Nutrisun can produce fruit bars to meet the customer’s wishes: conventional or with organic ingredients, without added sugar or artificial colouring, low in calories (under 100 kcal), with an extra supplement of vitamins and minerals and even kosher.  Popular ingredients include apples, raisins, berries, dates, figs, oranges and mangos, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut as well as vanilla and other fine spices.

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